Types of Decorations

Industrial Decoration

As the name suggests, industrial decoration draws its entire inspiration from the urban or warehouse loft. In this decoration concept, there has been a sense of unfinished rawness in its several elements. With this concept, it may not be uncommon to notice some exposed bricks, some wood materials and ductwork in any given decoration. An iconic house that has the modern decoration element would probably be a former industrial building renovated to fit in the contemporary world concepts.

Think old timber, high ceilings, dangling metal lighting fixtures and some old lighting component, and this is the ideal concept to choose. This concept could also involve an abstract piece of art or even some phonography hangings set to complement the incredible colours of the room. The choice of colours is mostly neutral and primary materials of metals and wood are used by most designers in this type of decoration.

You can understand the industrial decoration concept by seeking inspiration from the premises which have some historical pasts. Consider travelling to different parts of your town and get to know how people used to decorate their houses using the industrial concept. In most cities, the restoration of various warehouses, manufacturing facilities and barns into incredible office buildings or expensive condos has become famous.

Get the best rustic metal to do the interior design which fits your house. In the past days of iron and steel, industrial products along with other metal materials were very prominent components which were used in lighting fixtures, plumbing, door knobs, cabinets and other house roof and ceiling uses. You can as well consider iron metals to be able to bring an industrial and organic appeal to the d├ęcor of your home.