Types of Decorations

Mid-Century Modern Decoration

Mid-century decor refers to a significant throwback of the great decoration designs of the 1950s which are used in the modern world. This concept features a combination of mid-century modern design and minimalism. Functionality was considered the primary objective in this kind of decoration. The plan is concentrated on natural and organic shape and easy to use styles with simple fabrication elements. This concept complements the interior of your house and gives you a seamless transition from the inside to the exterior part of your home.

The concept traces its inspiration from the early 29-century modernism. The selection of colours is based on the kind of furniture and other materials you may have. This concept seeks to combine darker neutral palette with relatively bright accent tones. The rooms should always feature a 60% dominant based colour in this design. Besides, you should not choose more than three colours in this decoration design.

The other consideration in this decoration design is the kind of furniture to use. The composition can be identified easily through the clean, straight lines which are accented with curved horizontal angles. The furniture does not feature the fancy upholstery or ornamentation. The mid-century decoration relies on wooden construction, but sometimes you can incorporate some glasses or metals.