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What Decorators Must Discuss With Clients Before Starting a Project

If you are a decorator and you have just landed a client, it can be an exciting experience, especially if you are just starting out. You should, however, have a candid discussion with the client to avoid cases of disappointments and a lousy review that comes from not understanding one another. Some of the things that decorators must discuss with clients are as follows.

Total Costs

Make sure that when you are giving your quotation to the client, you have factored in all the details, including whether you will have to buy materials for decoration and other costs that may come up. You should be very clear on how much the entire decoration process will take, to avoid instances when you start arguing about pricing when the project is underway.


Make a point of having a meeting with the client and getting into candid discussions on what exactly they want to be done in the project. They should share their inspiration for the design they have chosen so that at the back of your mind, you have an idea of what they expect from the decoration. You can make some recommendations, such as telling them to have a look at the Royal Design that is preferred by many decorators.

Timelines of Completion of Projects

One of the areas that causes contention among clients and decorators is delayed projects. That is why, from the outset, you need to discuss with the clients how soon you are available to start the project and how fast it will take you to complete it. Remember to break down the areas where you feel you will take the longest time; for instance, decorating a bathroom might take longer due to the plumbing work involved.