Future of Decoration

Tips for the Design and Decor of Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to the careful design and decorating of a medical or healthcare facility, there is indeed a trick to the trade. Even though it may not always seem so, there is thought put into every element of the design and layout of the facility, from where the chairs are placed in the waiting room, to the amount of sunlight the entire facility receives. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for enhancing a medical facility or space:

  • Green, green and more green; no, we are not talking about the walls or the colour of the room itself. Instead, green has its place in the form of plants. Having plants placed throughout a medical facility serves several purposes. Large plants such as bonsai can create a more modern, urban feel, especially when combined with other trendy design elements such as crisp, clean white surfaces. Also, small succulents can provide a very comfortable and boho feel to an office. No matter the theme, plants can enhance and add something to your space. Further, in the spirit of good health, plants help keep the air clean, and that can be crucial in medical environments. Finally, plants are also relatively affordable, which makes it an excellent option for enhancing a look and feel.
  • Don’t be afraid of texture; there are certain colours, such as white, which can make a room look more substantial. However, the addition of an accent wall can take your facility to the next level. Consider wallpaper; an affordable and easy way to update a room. How about a blue sky with white, fluffy clouds? Or perhaps a massive wall of colour splashes or stripes. Maybe even a mural painted by a local artist. Choose something which fits the overall look and feel of the facility, but also that adds a level of invitation for patients and guests.
  • Technology has its place; consider the addition of tablets and phone charging stations, as well as other technological elements. This is less about décor but does impact the design and placement of decorative items. Further, this helps you stay on top of emerging trends and even lower overheads by offering services such as https://www.livi.co.uk, an excellent option for patients to access outstanding healthcare professionals.
  • Cozy is forever; make sure not to just pick the traditional cold, hard metal chairs for your waiting room. Give some thought to who your clients are, and choose furniture which will make them feel right at home. Small couches are great for family clinics, where families will be able to sit together, whereas modern, standalone chairs may be a better option for something such as a dermatology clinic.
  • Don’t forget your tiny guests; adding elements for kids to play with and enjoy, can help keep the overall ambience of the facility inviting and homely. You can even leverage the power of technology to keep the littlest patients happy.