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Tips for Decorating Your Home Using Rugs

Rugs are known to add warmth and prevent slips while walking or working around your home. Interestingly, they can also be used for decoration. Rugs can decorate different areas, including the living room, dining, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, foyer, etc. All you need to know is the effect you want the rugs to bring out. Discussed below are several ways rugs can be used to decorate your home.

Creating Variety or Harmony

Using two rugs in a room can bring out a variety and harmony. If you hope to get a variety effect, use two rugs that are of different sizes. Avoid using two rugs of the same size as they visually cut the room in two. If you intend to create a sense of harmony, use rugs that complement each other perfectly in style. Avoid using too many patterns as they negatively affect the harmony you are hoping to achieve. The point is to know what you want to accomplish with the two rugs in the same room.

Defining Areas

Rugs can be used decoratively to separate large rooms. You can use a rug to separate the dining area from the living room or lounge area. They can also define the study area in a bedroom or the foyer. To define different areas of a room, use rugs of different colours. For example, if the dining area has a green rug, you can opt for a blue rug or any other complementing colour for the living area. It’s also possible to define areas using rugs of different pile and patterns.

Creating Colour Schemes

Another way you can use rugs to decorate your home is by creating colour schemes. Here, you can complement the colours of your furniture, walls, and ceilings by using complementary rug colours. Besides, the rugs can be used to complement the lighting of your home.

There you have it, folks, some clever ways you can use rugs to decorate rooms. Besides the above tips, you can also use rugs to create focal points in rooms, dress up the walls, or even update rooms to give your home a fresh look.