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Staging a House: Blank Canvas with Personality

As an interior designer working to improve a client’s home according to their preferences, you can have discussions with them and use reference samples and photographs to create a space your client feels their own. However, working on a house that is to be sold, the interior designer is faced with different kinds of challenges. How to make the interior inviting to different types of viewers and simultaneously help the seller to accrue as much profit for the property as possible? It has been estimated that staged houses sell faster and make more profit to the owner. On this website, you can read more about staging and creating further interest in the place to be sold.

Add Interesting Pieces

A blank canvas can be considered a neutral starting point and appeal to the greater public. Still, it can also be too dull to a point the potential client loses interest altogether. The interior designer is faced with a task to create a space that evokes interest and caters to the needs and desires of the viewers. Neutral colours usually work best, and when planning the colour scheme, the designer should consider the light and the proportions of the space. Make the house light and bright but not completely colourless.

Add points of interest and some colour with plants and artwork. They do not take up a lot of space but make the rooms more homely and vibrant. Instead of renting expensive paintings, you can use posters found at https://dearsam.co.uk/ as focal points to create interest. Choose posters depending on the property; you can use some that complement the structure of the house or make more of a contrast with them. You can add posters made from classic paintings or add depth to a modern home with architectural photo posters. Add suitable frames and create conversation pieces that make the house feel more personal.

Leave Space for Imagination

The most important thing when creating a space ready for showing is to make it appealing and inviting. Make sure the client has the space cleaned thoroughly and have them remove all items that are too personal, religious or make too harsh statements. Usually the less furniture and clutter, the better. Having the space less crowded will allow the potential buyer to imagine the area with their own furniture. However, if the client has already moved out and the space is entirely empty, consider using some rental furniture at least when taking pictures for websites and brochures to give out at open house events. It is easier for the viewer to know the scale of the space if there are some pieces of furniture present.