Future of Decoration

Guide to Providing Wedding Decoration Services

If you are a professional decorator, you should consider taking up wedding decoration projects. There are many clients who are always looking for people to handle their wedding decor. It helps if you have good reviews and are open to taking up challenging projects. It is important to note that wedding decor can get extremely stressful especially if you do not master these tips:

Have a Candid Discussion on Expectations

Meet the person planning the wedding and ask them to lay down exactly what they want. They should tell you the theme they are going for and a basic idea of how they want the venue to look. Pay attention to colour coordination and try to visualise how the end product will look. It is at this stage that you are allowed to offer your professional guidance without imposing your ideas to them. Remember it is their wedding, not yours.

Lay Down the Costs

Do not wait until the last minute for you to bring up costs. Ask them how much they plan to spend so that you know the kind of items to buy and bring. You should also share some hidden charges, such as whether you will have to bring in a team to fix things like bulbs, rails, etc. You should also inquire details on whether they want specific items as part of their decor. There are couples that have made specific requests such as having a plastic-free wedding and those details helped in knowing what to incorporate. You should also discuss a payment plan, and whether they will give a one-off payment and do instalments.

Familiarise With the Venue

Before the wedding, you should visit the venue so that you factor in all the rooms and spaces you will have to decorate. Visiting the venue also gives you a basic idea on whether there are some areas that need to be renovated and such adjustments.