Future of Decoration

Decorating For Seniors

There comes a time when an individual becomes a senior that they need to do a review of the decorating of the home they are living in. There are a few reasons for having to do this.

Decorating For Safety

The first priority when it comes to decorating for seniors is keeping their safety in mind. This often means removing some of the décor that could present a health hazard. These can be common items like scatter rugs and furniture that has sharp edges. It is also a good idea to remove any type of furniture that has glass tops. This is in case the senior is subjected to a fall they won’t be at risk at hitting a glass object. Aside from removing some of the common items that can present a hazard, it means decorating with items that have some safety features to them. This can include handrails for the steps, and doorknobs that are easier for the senior to handle.

There are many safety devices that can be incorporated into the décor that will make life easier for the senior and keep them safe at the same time. A good example is an anti-scald shower head.

Decorating For Comfort

The next important aspect of decorating for seniors is to focus on their comfort. Decorating with furniture that is well padded lends additional comfort for those seniors who are experiencing aches and pains. Also focusing on furniture that is easy for them to get up from is ideal.

When decorating for the senior it is important to keep in mind that they may have items that have a lot of personal value to them that they do not want to be replaced. In these cases making sure that potentially unsafe items are placed in safe locations can be the solution.

Seniors want to have a say in regards to the décor they are going to be subjected to. Explaining the needs for different items will allow them to have a better understanding and will make them more receptive to any changes that are being made.

There is no reason why beautiful but safe and useful décor cannot be incorporated into the senior’s lifestyle.